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What is RSD/ CRPS?

What is RSD/ CRPS?
Reported by: Eric Scheiner

Monday, Oct 1, 2007 @04:08pm EST

WILKES-BARRE-- Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a neurological syndrome that impacts over 1million people in the US.

The syndrome follows 5% of all injuries. There is no known exact cause as to why, but after an accident or surgery nerves can misfire sending pain signals to the brain. RSD develops in response to an event the body regards as traumatic. Even minor injuries can sometimes result in major problems, with sometimes crippling effects.

Despite ongoing attempts to bring attention to RSD many doctors are unfamiliar with the syndrome, resulting in most patients seeing up to 5 doctors before getting the correct diagnosis.

WYOU Interactive discusses the diagnosis, treatment and the search for a cure with Dr. Avner Griver of Advanced Pain Management.

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